For Momma

Mocha and Momma

Mocha Dad and Momma

Here is a Mother’s Day poem that I wrote for my mother:

For Momma

For Momma’s eyes when they made me behave
In a way words never could.
For Momma’s hands that could rub the hurt
From my heart.
For Momma’s heart, loving me
Unconditionally, covering
Me in a warm glow that said everything
Would be all right even if she did have
To catch the bus in the rain and
Couldn’t afford to buy me a
Car when I turned sixteen.
For Momma’s dignity
Raising me above filthy streets.
Teaching me about manhood
With no man around, and respect
For myself
And life (respect
For her is implied).
Prison wardens
Don’t make gumbo as good as Momma’s
And it’s always too
Cold at the morgue.
Momma taught
Me that,
And about God.
Her faith inspired me to
Seek salvation,
But I can’t imagine heaven being
Much better than falling asleep
With Momma stroking my hair.
For Momma, the queen of my heart
Apple of my eye, soul to soul we are one.
If I could only be half the man
You taught me be.
If I could only love like you love
With all my heart/body/soul.
If I could only touch others
The way you touched me
And appreciate life the way you do
Then I could finally make you proud
That I am your son.

I love, Mom
Mocha Dad

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