Fatherhood Friday: Second Grade Spelling Challenge


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For the week’s Fatherhood Friday, I’m issuing a challenge to my buds at Dad Blogs, and anyone else who is up to it. Below are a few words from of my daughter’s second grade spelling test. Write a paragraph using each word (extra points for using them in the order they are listed):

  • Remember
  • Finding
  • Chicken
  • Upon
  • Blind
  • Quest
  • Candy
  • Kindness

I’ll begin the challenge with my feeble attempt:

I remember the summer my sister and I kept finding animals in our backyard. First there was a cat. We called it Binky. Then we discovered a turtle whose shell was cracked. The last animal we encountered was a chicken. Upon its head, someone had written the word ‘blind.’ It became our quest to locate the chicken’s owner. It took three days, but we finally reunited the blind chicken with its owner. The man was so happy that he gave us some candy and thanked us for our kindness.

If you can write a better paragraph, let’s see it. I’ve thrown down the gauntlet. Since these are her spelling words, Nee will select the best paragraph (so keep it clean, folks). I’ll reveal the winner on Dad Blogs.

Note #1: I blatantly stole this idea from Dirt & Noise so visit her blog and show her some love.

Note #2: Nee spelled all of her words correctly and aced the exam.

Stay Strong,
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