Stay At Home Dads Are Going to Hell


While visiting a dad blogger message board, I discovered a video clip from Pastor John Hagee. He contends that all stay at home dads are bums and are going to hell.

But it seems as if Pastor Hagee in not alone in this belief. Pastor Mark Driscoll of Mars Hill Church has also been quite vocal about his disdain for men who stay at home to care for their kids. Pete Janelle wrote a great post about Pastor Driscoll at Dad Blogs.

Here’s my take on the topic. If a man will not work or care for his kids in any manner, then I believe that he deserves to be chided for his refusal to take care of his responsibilities. However, if he is at home rearing his children in a respectful manner, he should be commended. Different people have different gifts and talents. If a man has the gift of teaching and nurturing, there is no reason why his children shouldn’t be the main beneficiaries of their father’s talents.

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Question: What do you think about men who stay at home with their children?

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