How to Deal With a Bully

How to deal with a Bully


My daughter, Nee, was having trouble with a bully at school. Of course, my first reaction was to storm the classroom and teach the little girl some manners. However, that would have been inappropriate for several reasons.

The thing that really bothered me was that the bully was a new student and I encouraged Nee to befriend her on the first day of school. Obviously the friendship didn’t last. Nee would come home each day complaining about the girl taking her things or pushing her. In my infinite wisdom as a father, I wrote the following story to help Nee deal with the bully:

Princess Nee and Evil Harley

Once upon a time, there was a Princess named Nee. She was the smartest and most beautiful girl in the whole Kingdom. Her parents, King James and Queen K were very proud of her. So were her brothers, Prince N and Prince X.

But there was one person who didn’t like Princess Nee at all. Her name was Evil Harley. Evil Harley was always mean to Princess Nee and liked to take her things. Evil Harley was jealous of Princess Nee because she wished she could be a princess too. She loved Princess Nee’s pretty dresses and envied her castle. Every time Princess Nee arrived at school in the chariot, Evil Harley would get mad.

One day during recess, Princess Nee was playing tag with her friend Emily. All of a sudden, Evil Harley stuck her leg out and tripped Princess Nee. Princess Nee fell to the ground with a thud and her pretty dress was covered with dirt and grass stains. All of the children started laughing and pointing. Princess Nee was so embarrassed that she started crying. Her friend, Emily, helped her to her feet and started scolding Evil Harley.

“That was not nice, Evil Harley!” She screamed. “Why would you do something like that?

Evil Harley just laughed and ran back into the school.
At home that evening, Princess Nee told her father what had happened.

King James was furious. “Send the castle guards to arrest Evil Harley,” he commanded. But before the guards could be dispatched, Queen K stepped in.

“Don’t send the guards,” she said. “I believe that Nee can handle this situation by herself.”

Reluctantly, the king waved the guards away. Queen K took Princess Nee to her room so they could talk privately.
“I know that you’re upset about the way Evil Harley treats you,” said the Queen. “But you don’t have to accept that treatment. You are a princess and deserve much better.”

“But I don’t know what to do,” said Princess Nee. “I’ve tried being nice to her, but it doesn’t work.”

“You’re a smart girl. You’ll figure out what to do.” She gave Princess Nee a kiss and tucked her into bed.

The next day at school, Evil Harley was up to her wicked ways again. As Princess Nee walked past her, Evil Harley stuck out her leg to trip her again, but this time Princess Nee was ready for her.

She gently stepped over Evil Harley’s leg and turned to look her straight in the eye.

“Evil Harley,” She said with a loud voice. “Don’t try to trip me again because I’m not taking it anymore. If you bother me one more time, you’ll be sorry.”

Evil Harley looked frightened. She had never heard Princess Nee talk like that to anyone.

“I’m sorry Princess Nee,” said Evil Harley. “I guess I was just jealous of you. You’re such a beautiful princess and I’m not.”

“But you are special in your own way, Evil Harley,” said Princess Nee. “You’re the best cup stacker in our school.” Evil Harley smiled. Maybe she was special.

Princess Nee gave her a big hug. “Hey, you want to play with Emily and me at the castle tonight?”

Evil Harley’s eyes lit up. “Of course I do,” she exclaimed. “I’ve always wanted to see inside of the castle.”

“Great,” said Princess Nee. “You can ride in the chariot with me after school.”

“Thank you Princess Nee,” Harley said.

Later that evening, Princess Nee and her friends enjoyed tea and cookies while they played princess games on the Wii.

After the girls went home, Queen K and King James came to tuck in Princess Nee.

“We’re proud of the way you handled yourself with Evil Harley,” said Queen K.

“Thanks, Mom,” said Princess Nee. “But we call her Harley now.”

Periodically, we still get reports of little Miss Bully reverting to her bullying tactics, but Nee no longer accepts it. I believe that this story helped her to gain some confidence and behave more assertively towards Harley. But if Harley keeps it up, she’d better watch her back during next year’s race.

Stay Strong,

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