Top 10 Mocha Dad Posts for 2008

I started this blog in August of 2008 and I’m surprised by how fast it has grown. I have met some great blogger friends and have acquired new readers each month. For those of you who have not followed Mocha Dad from the beginning, I would like to share a list of my most popular posts so you can get an idea of my writing style and perspectives on fatherhood.

  1. How to Treat the Man Cold
  2. Sweet Potato Pie Throwdown
  3. I Married a Hooker
  4. What Not to Wear
  5. The Joy of Cooking
  6. The Barber Shop
  7. Learning to Love
  8. The Evidence of Things Not Seen
  9. Parent Teacher Conference
  10. The Cupcake Incident

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Stay Strong,
Mocha Dad

Question: What was your favorite Mocha Dad post in 2008?

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