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A new year is upon us and now is the time for making those New Year’s resolutions. As I was writing my new resolutions, I took a few minutes to reflect on how well I did with my goals from the previous year:

  • I will go to the gym 3 times per week – I accomplished this goal and managed to lose 25 pounds in the process
  • I will take a dance class with my wife and an art class for myself – Didn’t accomplish. In my defense, my work travel schedule kept me away from home regularly
  • I will buy a new car -Actually I bought a used car from eBay
  • I will go on a family vacation – We took a trip to Key West and to Disney World and had a great time
  • I will take the kids fishing – I didn’t take them fishing, but I did buy them new fishing poles for Christmas
  • I will read the whole Bible – I read the New Testament and Proverbs
  • I will save money for kids’ college education – I didn’t accomplish this goal, but I plan to do better this year.

Although I didn’t accomplish everything as I had hoped, I am satisfied with the things that I did accomplish.

My friend Tyler, who blogs at Building Camelot, challenged other dad bloggers to develop a list of resolutions to be a better dad. My list is as follows:

  1. I will take care of myself physically by exercising, eating right, and scheduling regular exams and checkups.
  2. I will love my wife with undying devotion.
  3. I will play more tag, Red Light Green Light, Hullabaloo, Uno, and Mario Cart
  4. I will work hard at my job to provide a comfortable living for my family.
  5. I will get a puppy (I have already accomplished this goal. Stay tuned for my upcoming post)
  6. I will remain involved in my children’s education by going on field trips, volunteering at school, attending Parent/Teacher conferences and helping with homework.
  7. I will teach my children spiritual principles. As their father, this is my main job.
  8. I will treat my children as individuals. It’s easy to lump them together as my kids, but they each have a unique personality that I must help nurture and develop.
  9. I will complete a family tree so they will not forget their ancestors.
  10. I will live a life that my children will want to imitate.

Happy New Year,

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Question: What are your New Year’s Resolutions?

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