Martin Luther the King

mlkThe other day, my daughter, Nee, who is in second grade, was complaining to my wife, K, that her school has shown the same documentary on Martin Luther King, Jr. since she was in kindergarten. Nee attends a private Christian school that has an African-American population of about 2%. We worry about the diversity of her educational experience so K was keen to understand how the school handled the MLK lesson.

“So what did the video teach you about Martin Luther King?” K asked.

Nee stared at her blankly, “I don’t know,” she finally answered.

“You’ve watched this video for three years straight and you can’t recall anything about Dr. King?”

“Ummmm,” Nee said. “Didn’t he help black people?”

K, was exasperated. “Without Dr. King’s efforts, you wouldn’t be able to go to school with your best friend, Lorell,” she explained.

“Really?” expressed Nee.

“Really,” said K. “There was a point in this country’s history when black kids and white kids weren’t allowed to sit in the same classroom. Dr. King’s protests helped to change that.” K went on to explain that Martin Luther King Jr. was a great man who worked hard for African Americans’ civil rights. She further described how he sacrificed his life to help others.

Nee was enrapt and so was my five year old son N. When K finished her speech, N looked at her with amazement and asked, “So Martin Luther King was Jesus?”

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Question: Has Martin Luther King’s dream been realized in America?

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