Dear President Obama

barack_obama2Dear President Obama,

Today, you are officially he 44th President of the United States. I felt a tremendous sense of pride as you took the oath of office and I was moved by your inaugural speech and your call to action. Please note that I had to work today and couldn’t watch your speech online because the system was overloaded. Instead, I had my wife place the telephone near the television while I listened on my office speakerphone.

Although I am excited about this historic moment, I am also worried. People have placed so much hope in your ability to change our country. I fear that many of them will become disillusioned when they realize that you are not infallible. You are merely a man, with your own faults and shortcomings. While I do expect you to make a difference for this country, I realize that you cannot do everything that people think you can do. I hope that their adulation doesn’t quickly degenerate to resentment. When hope is lost, what is left?

You are coming into office in the midst of economic disarray, war, and a general sense of uneasiness around the world. You will have to be decisive and act quickly in order to reverse the course of America. The issues you are facing quite complex and will be polarizing. I can only imagine the stress and pressure that you will experience over the next four (or eight) years.

You have mentioned that you are a man of faith. I believe that your faith will be the only thing that will get you through these tough times. I also profess to be a Christian and I will lift you up before the God I serve. I pray that He grants you wisdom, discernment, serenity, and safety.

Also know that my family and I have accepted your challenge to serve our country through volunteering. We will do our part to make America a better place.

Congratulations, President Obama. I wish you the best.

Stay Strong,
Mocha Dad

Question: How did you feel as you watched the inauguration?

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