Pickles Lead to the Poor House

Pickles are the real harbingers of financial doom. My in-laws discovered this shocking fact as they attempted to have lunch at my house.

My 5-year old son happened to walk into the kitchen as my mother-in-law was placing pickles on a sandwich.

“G-Mom,” he yelled. “Don’t eat all of those pickles. My dad will be so mad if you eat them all.

“Daddy won’t mind if they have some pickles,” my wife interjected.

“Oh yes he will,” he yelled. “He will be so mad.”

“Daddy will not be mad,” my wife said trying to reassure him. “Besides, if she eats all of the pickles, we can go to the store and buy some more.”

“No way, Mommy,” my 7-year old daughter chimed in. “Daddy will not want to spend all of that money on pickles.”

She’s right. I’d better get my in-laws out of my house before they discover the olives. If that happens, they’ll send me to the poor house for sure.

Stay Strong,

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