Affair Proof Your Marriage

affair proof marriage

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Being married with kids is tough. The associated work and stress can cause couples to become emotionally disconnected. When that happens, it becomes easier for husbands and wives to fall into the affair trap. The most recent studies on marriage have discovered that 30% of men and 20% of women have been unfaithful. These statistics are not very encouraging, but couples can take steps to protect their marriage from infidelity.

In a teaching series called “Affair Proof Your Marriage,” my pastor shared five tips that will help couples to reconnect and reignite the spark in their marriage:

  • Accommodate your spouse
  • Admire your spouse
  • Affirm your spouse
  • Adore your spouse
  • Show your spouse affection

These tips are not original or groundbreaking, but they are crucial to building a solid marriage. Take it from a person who has experienced the emotional disconnection. My wife and I went through a rough patch that seemed insurmountable. But we took these simple steps and now our marriage is stronger than ever. We’ve both learned that it’s the small, daily love gestures that really count in a relationship.

Now that I’ve shared this information with you, I’d like to hear some of your feedback. How do you apply these five principles to your marriage or relationship?

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