I Heard It From God

I have a bad habit of not fastening my seat belt until I’ve driven a few blocks down the road. This behavior drives my five year old son nuts. Last night, he was fed up and gave me a piece of his mind.

“Daddy,” he said. “You didn’t put on your seat belt before you started driving.”

“I know, son,” I said. “But I have it on now.”

“It’s not safe to drive without a seat belt.”

“You’re right. It’s not safe.”

“In fact,” he continued with a stern voice. “It’s very dangerous.”

“That’s true,” I conceded.

“Daddy, I know it’s true because God told me.”

Whoa! He pulled out the big guns on me – personal safety tips from God. I guess I’d better buckle up as soon as I step into the car. I can deal with a ticket, but the wrath of God (and a five-year old) is more than I can handle.

Stay Strong,
Mocha Dad

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Frederick J. Goodall

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