Cell Phones and Washing Machines Don’t Mix

Let me give you a word of advice. Check your pockets before you place your clothes in the washing machine. I did not follow this advice and had to learn the hard way that cell phones do not like to be washed.

A few days ago, I was wondering where my cell phone was because I had not seen it in a couple of days. I wasn’t in a hurry to find it because I carry another phone for work. All was good in the world until I opened the dryer. As I removed the laundry, I discovered my new Blackberry Pearl. It was ruined. No matter how hard I pressed the on button, I couldn’t resuscitate it.

I purchased the phone to replace my other phone that I forgot in my pants pocket and washed the previous month. You would have thought that I would have learned my lesson. Obviously, not. Luckily, I was at the end of my contract and was eligible for an upgrade. Now, with 22 months left on my two year contract, I’m screwed. I’ll be forced to pay full price for a new phone because I didn’t purchase insurance.

So, here are the take-aways from this post:

  1. Do not wash your old cell phone
  2. Do not wash your new cell phone

Stay Strong,

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