Go Shawty, It’s Your Birthday

I just celebrated my son’s first Birthday. We commemorated the occasion with party hats and cupcakes. I watched with fatherly pride as he two-fisted his cupcake into his mouth as icing covered nearly every part of his body. All I could think was “my baby is growing up.”

My wife, K, and I never really expected to have a third child. We had one daughter and one son. We were good on kids. But God has a way of making the best laid plans of mice and men go awry.

K and a few friends were chatting one day when the subject of having more children came up. She and another woman were quite vocal in their assertion that they would never have any more children. Absolutely not! No Way! I know God had to be laughing as the words spewed from their mouths. Three months later, they both had to confess to their group that they were in the family way.

When K first informed me of the pregnancy, I felt joy and apprehension. As I smiled and embraced my wife, I also calculated college costs for three children in my head. Two kids are expensive, but three? Yikes! A friend of mine once told me that going from one child to two children is difficult. Going from two children to three, however, is much easier. I took his words to heart and started to prepare myself mentally and emotionally for baby number three.

Like most dads, I was quite pleased when I found out that we were having another son. Now I could easily put together a team for a three-on-three hoop match. On the other hand, I was a bit nervous because I would have the difficult task of guiding two African-American boys to manhood. But God knew what He was doing when he placed them in my care. With His help and guidance, I know that I’ll be up to the task.

X has brought so much joy to my life in the year that I have known him. His smile can brighten a room and I’m constantly amazed by his ingenuity. He simply will not by denied and will continue working on a task until he has it mastered. Just today, he demonstrated his skill with the remote control. I was impressed by his behind the back channel changing technique.

And even when he’s crying, waking at odd hours, or breaking my external hard drive, he can make everything alright by just saying “da da” in his cute, little baby voice.

Happy Birthday, X. I hope you have many more. Daddy loves you!

Stay strong,
Mocha Dad

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Frederick J. Goodall

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