16 Stunning Fatherhood Facts

16 stunning fatherhood factsIn my quest to live a healthier lifestyle, I have become a loyal subscriber to Men’s Health Magazine. It has become my health and fitness bible. In addition to exercise and diet tips, the magazine also has great articles on manhood. In one issue, I encountered several fatherhood facts I would like to share. My comments are in italics.

  • Odds that the average guy will become a dad: 1 in 2. That’s great unless they find out they’re dads on Maury Povich’s show.
  • Number of children the average guy has: 2. Many of those guys in the NBA are way above average.
  • Number of men who spawn four of more children: 1 in 10Jim Bob Duggar gets his own category.
  • If men could choose the gender, the number who would choose to have a daughter: 1 in 20. The number who are eager for their daughters to date: 0!
  • Number of men who say they aren’t comfortable handling a baby: 1 in 10. That number increases exponentially when a poopy diaper is involved.
  • Percentage of dads who want to instill healthier eating habits in their kids than they had growing up: 20. The other eighty percent consider Cherry Coke a fruit.
  • Percentage who spend less than 2 hours with their kids each day: 42. Football games last longer than this.
  • Number of men who rate their father’s parenting skills as “below average”: 1 in 4. I hope that this generation of fathers fares better.
  • The major reason: He didn’t show love. See my earlier post Learning to Love.”
  • The average guy’s first choice for a dad besides the man who raised him: Bill Cosby. “The Cosby Show” Bill Cosby, not the grumpy old man, pervert Bill Cosby.
  • The average father’s top parenting fear: His kid will run with a bad crowd. At least worse than the crowd he ran with.
  • Number yearly who take permanent leave to become stay-at-home dads: 143,000. So why is there still so much traffic when I go to work.
  • The average father’s biggest parenting problem: Not having enough money. Can you ever have enough money with children?
  • The cost to raise a child to age 18: $181,480. Worth every penny!
  • Percentage of men who think kids should reimburse their parents for raising them: 22. These are the guys who fall into the “below average” category.
  • Number of current fathers who would still want to have kids if they could do it over again: 19 in 20. What’s up with number 20?

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