Easy Reader

After watching the Dark Knight (best Batman movie ever), I felt compelled to Google Morgan Freeman. When the results came up, I was pleasantly surprised to see some videos of his character, “Easy Reader” from “The Electric Company.” For those of you too young to remember “The Electric Company,” it was an educational television show on PBS. I thought of it as an edgier version of Sesame Street.

I couldn’t wait to see “The Electric Company” each day after school. The Easy Reader and Spider-Man segments were always my favorites. I loved Spider-Man because I am a comic book geek. Easy reader appealed to me because he reminded me of myself – a black male who loved words and reading. His soul brother persona was a bit over the top, but I didn’t mind at the time. It was the seventies after all.

So check out Easy Reader struttin’ his stuff. “Easy Reader, that’s his name, umm umm-umm! Readin’ Readin’, that’s his game, umm, umm-umm!”

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