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Family Photos Should Include Dad



When my kids were younger, I took thousands of photos. I have pictures of my family at home, on vacation and enjoying various activities. They are all neatly stored in physical or online albums. Periodically, my kids and I like to go through the photos to reminisce. On one of those occasions, my son repeatedly flipped through our stack of albums and asked, “Why aren’t you in any of the photos?”

I grabbed the albums and found out he was right. If you looked at our family photos, you’d think my wife was a single mother.

I’ve always loved photography and having children gave me an excuse to buy new equipment and lots of film (yes, I was a film guy). I was always the designated photographer for all family events. When people suggested that I get in the photo, I brushed them off because I was usually disappointed by their photos. They were blurry or crooked or tarnished by someone’s eyes being closed.

At the time, I didn’t realize that my desire for control was cheating my family out of precious memories…(Read the rest of the article in Your Teen Mag)

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Join the conversation: How often do you appear in your family’s photos?

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  1. I realized this very same thing a few years ago!

    I was looking for old photos of my dad with our family and realized that hardly any existed, because he was always the man behind the lens. I love shooting photos of my family as well, but found I was repeating the same trend and there’s just no excuse in the digital era because we can always delete a pic if it doesn’t look “right”.

    I can’t say I’m in as many as I should be, but I’m learning to even do the new school “selfie” if I have to capture that particular moment with the kids.

  2. I grew up in a family where we took photos all the time because my mom felt like family photos were very important. Cameras and getting photos taken when she was growing were expensive. So, she only has school photos. Likewise, I enjoy taking and being in photos with my children. Granted there are more photos of just my kids minus me because I often times have to be the photographer, but any chance that I have to get someone else to play photographer, I take it and hop in the pictures with them.

    It’s nice to have those memories to look back on.