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Should Parents Force Teens to Get Summer Jobs? [Video]


Here’s yet another thing teenagers don’t want to do this summer: get a job. The number of teens with summer jobs has fallen nearly 30 percent since the late ‘70s. Last summer, there were nearly 11.4 million 16- to- 19-year-olds who were not in the workforce . Of those, only 8.3 % said they wanted a job. What’s a parent to to do?

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In this segment on Fox 26 Houston, I discuss these trends with anchor Tom Zizka; Public Policy Analyst, Jacquie Baly; and John Pacini, Founder of Dad2.0. We also debate whether parents should force teens to get summer jobs.

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Join the conversation: Why do you think fewer teens want summer jobs? Should parents force teens to get summer jobs? Did you have a job when you were a teenager?

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  1. I had two jobs as a teen. I worked as private tutor and as an office aide at a local nonprofit. My kids will definitely be getting jobs. They can either work for me or find a place in the community that is appropriate. It’s great for them have that first job when building their resumes in and after college.

    Also, it teaches responsibility and will help with saving money for their college educations, cars and their portion of the cell phone bill when they get one. I think now days too many teens suffer from an entitlement complex. They want things handed to them and provided for them, but that’s not real life for the average teen. Maybe, if your parents are rolling like Bill Gates, you might be that spoiled. But even then, I think it would be beneficial for teens to still get a job even if it’s just walking the neighbor’s dog once a week.