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Neknomination Drinking Game – What Parents Need to Know


I first became aware of Neknomination after watching a video, The Deadly Social Media Drinking Game Set To Invade The U.S., posted on the Time website.

To play the game, teens make of video of themselves drinking an alcoholic beverage and post it on social media channels. After they down the drink, teens then nominate a friend to post a more extreme drinking video. If the friend declines, he or she is ridiculed online for not participating in the game.

Dayna Steele, from Your Daily Success Tip; Monica Guidry, from UT Health, and I shared our thoughts on Fox26 Houston on how parents should address this game and other social media issues with their children.


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Join the conversation: Have you heard of Neknomination? How do you help your child navigate social media?

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  1. Oh my gosh, there is just so much stuff out there for our children to get into these days. Honestly, it makes wonder what their futures will be like or even if enough of them will make it to the future. And this online bullying and peer pressure is just out of control.

    We really have stayed informed, involved and help to guide our children to make the right choices.

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  3. Christopher Wallner on

    Thanks for making me aware of this dangerous game. Social media can be dangerous if parents aren’t aware of what their kids are doing.